The Sacrifice?


Shalom dear family. In life we made so many sacrifices, sometimes we even aborted what we felt like was a mistake and sacrificed someone’s life unborn for our selfish life; no you don’t hear GOD SPEAKING. You have no time do we?

Yet not even those sacrifices are more beneficial to our Soul Salvation as doing what is Right and Just with consistency.

Who am I you ask? I’m just a voice crying out. #MinisterDerrick #CatholicLife #ProLife To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the L ord than sacrifice.

This Man Is GOD.

In The Name of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, Who Sits At The Right Hand of The FATHER and Lives and Reigns In Unity With The HOLY SPIRIT; HOLY TRINITY ONE GOD Forever. Amen.

Shalom dear Human Family, we Praise The Heavenly FATHER for HIS BEGOTTEN SON. Who would dare deny The SON? This would be like denying the Sun in the lower Heavens is shining right now.

Yet many through Theological differences deny GOD. There are some who even dare to equate JESUS as the brother of Lucifer and call HIM an Angel. There are some who say CHRIST is only a Prophet.

Yet we must look at the significance of JESUS, in every major Religion of this World there is a Man similar to JESUS, some use a different title but yet through study All are talking about the same CHRIST JESUS. Think over this. #MinisterDerrick

John 3:36 NABRE

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever disobeys the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains upon him.

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Australia’s approach to border security is badass [pics, video]

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How’s this for some comprehensive immigration reform?



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Misguidance Is Worse Than War.

In The Name of The FATHER, of The SON, and of The HOLY SPIRIT. Amen and Amen.

Happy Sabbath dear sisters and brothers of All Peoples from all over Earth. There should be no disagreement between the Faith for we have ONE Heavenly FATHER, One Earthly Father Adam, and One Father of Faith Abraham; think over that.

Satan (Shaytan) has used our differences to intensify hatred, confusion and false doctrines. Satan uses false Imams and Clerics the same way he uses false Rabbi’s and Clergy to propagate a damnable doctrine. We must seek The HOLY SPIRIT for Guidance so we have Knowledge of what to keep and what to destroy from us, but we live in a time like no other where the lines are blurred and there are more sects in all three Faiths than there were 4,000 years ago, 2,000 years ago, and 1,500 years ago. With Love I remain your brother and servant, #MevinDerrick

Surat ‘Āli `Imrān (Family of Imran)
O People of the Scripture, why do you argue about Abraham while the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed until after him? Then will you not reason?
سورة علي عمران (عائلة عمران)
يا أهل الكتاب، لماذا يقولون عن إبراهيم بينما لم تكشف التوراة والإنجيل إلا من بعده؟ فإنك لن السبب؟

Surat Al-Baqarah (The Cow)
Say, [O Muhammad], “Do you argue with us about Allah while He is our Lord and your Lord? For us are our deeds, and for you are your deeds. And we are sincere [in deed and intention] to Him.”
سورة البقرة (البقرة)
2: 139
قل [يا محمد]، “هل يجادل معنا عن الله بينما هو ربنا وربكم؟ بالنسبة لنا هي أفعالنا، وكنت أعمالكم، ونحن صادقون [في الفعل والنية] إليه. “

Chapter 30:
Ar-Rum — The Romans
30:8 Do they not reflect within themselves? Allah did not create the heavens and the earth and what is between them but with truth, and (for) an appointed term. And surely most of the people are deniers of the meeting with their Lord.

30:9 Have they not travelled in the earth and seen what was the end of those before them? They were stronger than these in prowess, and dug up the earth, and built on it more than these have built. And their messengers came to them with clear arguments. So it was not Allah, Who wronged them, but they wronged themselves.

30:10 Then evil was the end of those who did evil, because they rejected the messages of Allah and mocked at them.

30:11 Allah originates the creation, then reproduces it, then to Him you will be returned.
الفصل 30:
سورة الروم – الرومان
30: 8 وهل لا تعكس داخل أنفسهم؟ الله لم يخلق السماوات والأرض وما بينهما ولكن مع الحقيقة، و(ل) مصطلح عين. وبالتأكيد معظم الناس منكري الاجتماع مع ربهم.

30: 9 أولم يسيروا في الأرض فينظروا كيف كان عاقبة الذين من قبلهم؟ كانوا أقوى من هؤلاء في براعة، وحفر الأرض، وبنى على ذلك أكثر من هذه بنينا. وجاءت رسلهم لهم بحجج واضحة. لذلك لم يكن الله الذي ظلموا منهم، ولكن كانوا أنفسهم يظلمون.

30:10 ثم الشر كان عاقبة الذين فعلوا الشر، لأنهم رفضوا الرسائل الله وسخر عليهم.

30:11 الله يبدئ الخلق ثم يستنسخ ذلك، ثم إليه ترجعون.

What Good Does It Profit A Man?

In The Name of The FATHER, of The SON, and of The HOLY SPIRIT. Amen.

I Pray that GOD Bless All of the Faithful and the Persecuted All over the Earth. We must have the same mercy on our Brethren as GOD has shown us otherwise our Grace will end. We work so hard in life that most times we loose the point, the lessons that life has for us. We don’t stop to analyze the simple things, we work hard to get the paper (money) and yet we don’t know what to do with the paper in most cases.

How can a Man have millions of dollars and still not open business to employ and buy houses to have for families to make it easy for them to gain proper housing. A Man will spend $100,000 dollars on a car and his mother will live in the slums. Yes there are Men like this, what lessons are we learning if we keep repeating the cycle over and over?

GOD Love you and so do I,

#MevinDerrick (Minister Derrick L. Reese I)


Ecclesiastes 1:2-11

Vanity of vanities, says Qoheleth, vanity of vanities! All things are vanity! What profit has man from all the labor which he toils at under the sun? One generation passes and another comes, but the world forever stays. The sun rises and the sun goes down; then it presses on to the place where it rises. Blowing now toward the south, then toward the north, the wind turns again and again, resuming its rounds. All rivers go to the sea, yet never does the sea become full. To the place where they go, the rivers keep on going. All speech is labored; there is nothing one can say. The eye is not satisfied with seeing nor is the ear satisfied with hearing.

What has been, that will be; what has been done, that will be done. Nothing is new under the sun. Even the thing of which we say, “See, this is new!” has already existed in the ages that preceded us. There is no remembrance of the men of old; nor of those to come will there be any remembrance among those who come after them.

Psalm 90:3-4, 5-6, 12-13, 14 and 17bc

R. (1) In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

You turn man back to dust, saying, “Return, O children of men.” For a thousand years in your sight are as yesterday, now that it is past, or as a watch of the night.

R. In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

You make an end of them in their sleep; the next morning they are like the changing grass, Which at dawn springs up anew, but by evening wilts and fades. R. In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart. Return, O LORD! How long? Have pity on your servants!

R. In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

Fill us at daybreak with your kindness, that we may shout for joy and gladness all our days. Prosper the work of our hands for us! Prosper the work of our hands!

R. In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

John 14:6

R. Alleluia, alleluia.

I am the way and the truth and the life, says the Lord; no one comes to the Father except through me.

R. Alleluia, alleluia.

Luke 9:7-9

Herod the tetrarch heard about all that was happening, and he was greatly perplexed because some were saying, “John has been raised from the dead”; others were saying, “Elijah has appeared”; still others, “One of the ancient prophets has arisen.” But Herod said, “John I beheaded. Who then is this about whom I hear such things?” And he kept trying to see him.

Original Doctrine and Your Foundation of Faith.

Glory Be To GOD dear brothers and sisters. I Pray your Morning and your day begins well and ends the same. With the surge of Denominations and so-called “non-Denominational” Churches which is a Denomination in itself, it is easy for us to stray from the Original Doctrine of Christianity. Charismatic speakers and popular People have ways of always drawing our attention away, yet while there’s Truth everywhere it does not mean that we have looked in every place in finding Truth. The question is what exactly is our Foundation of Faith? We say JESUS Is. Yet CHRIST our LORD also had Disciples who numbered many but 12 stands out the most.

Of that 12 there is Saint Peter called Keafos (Rock) in Ancient tongues. Peter recognized who JESUS was when our LORD asked “Who do they say I AM? Who do you say I AM?” Peter said “YOU Are The CHRIST, The Begotten SON of GOD”, The LORD said, “flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but MY FATHER In Heaven”.

So if Saint Peter is not the foundation of your Church as he was the first to go out after The Ascension of our LORD back to The FATHER, and Baptize some 3,000 early Christians into The Church, your Church is straying away from Original Doctrine. #MevinDerrick