The Belief In Faith.


Shalom dear sisters and brothers of All Peoples, of All Races on this Planet. Faith is not only a comforting feeling or emotion, it is also a comforting Knowledge to possess. Faith goes a little deeper than Belief, Faith can altar the entire perception of ones Reality because Faith in the Unseen and Faith in what is to come in Heaven or Hell will decide the Person’s Reality. In their Reality they will either be Real or phony, treat each other with Freedom, Justice and Equality. #MinisterDerrick

For the justice of God is revealed within it, by faith unto faith, just as it was written: “For the just one lives by faith.”

History Repeats; Repetition In Scripture.

In The Name of The FATHER, of The SON, and of The HOLY SPIRIT; HOLY TRINITY ONE GOD Forever. Amen.

Supreme Morning to you All and Shalom dear brethren. There is a question asked by many and that is why does many of the names in the Bible repeat from Old Testament to New Testament. Simple, not only were there a certain amount of People on Earth in these Times, but more importantly the Lesson is History Repeats in some form or fashion. Let’s read a reading from Sacred Scripture:

Esther 9:3 (DRA)

And the judges of the provinces, and the governors, and lieutenants, and every one in dignity, that presided over every place and work, extolled the Jews for fear of Mardochai:

The question is with everything that is happening today to, in, and around the Nation of Israel; who will be the Mardochai in this Time? See we have to ask ourselves these things because while many wait on The LORD alone and I’m waiting also, yet we must still move forward as the Bible is a Living Book and not a History Book. Think over that.

Let’s look now about Syria in Scripture:

1 Paralipomenon 19:16 (DRA)

But the Syrians seeing that they had fallen before Israel, sent messengers, and brought to them the Syrians that were beyond the river: and Sophach, general of the army of Adarezer, was their leader.

So we have our Christian brethren in Syria and where are the brethren from around the World to defend them? Yet, when the onslaught begins here in the U.S. because we still have two years left of Obama, we will want someone to come to our aid because the vast majority of Christendom in the U.S. has grown weak.

Now let’s look at Judas in Scripture to stick to our first point:

1 Machabees 2:66 (DRA)

And Judas Machabeus who is valiant and strong from his youth up, let him be the leader of your army, and he shall manage the war of the people.

Many have never heard of Judas Machabeus because the majority of Christians read one of the tainted versions of Scripture such as KJV. Some will even take this Judas for the betrayer of CHRIST Judas Iscariot.

The point of this all is that we must study everything, question everything and trust little. GOD Love you and so do I; #MinisterDerrick

The Bible and JESUS The Word.

The Bible and JESUS The Word.

Ishmael, The Root of Hatred.


Good Morning in Shalom Alaikum dear brethren. The current events happening now in the Israel is not a new threat, it is a threat deeply rooted from Abraham and Ishmael. The threat against Christianity is not a new threat, it has been threatened since in its inception 2,000 years ago. The thing Man must Understand is that the lack of studying History will cause the most confusing state of existence when these trials arise. Now in the modern Church unlike in Biblical History there are no Men to defend her from persecution and war. GOD has placed Man on this Earth to not just be caretaker, to not just be the Vicegerent of GOD; but to also be Warriors for GOD in defense of HIS Tabernacle (the Holy Church). 

When I did research more in depth on Ishmael, we see that the Moslems hold Ismael in high regard, this is their father. Ishmael is father of the Arabs, yet although Ishmael is the eldest son of Abraham the friend of GOD, the Father of Faith, he is not like his father nor his younger brother Isaac, in fact he became very jealous of his brother because of the Promised Covenant between Isaac and GOD. We will go here to the Jewish Encyclopedia:

The name of Ishmael is an allusion to God’s promise to hear () the complaints of Israel whenever it suffered at the hands of Ishmael (Gen. R. xlv. 11). Abraham endeavored to bring up Ishmael in righteousness; to train him in the laws of hospitality Abraham gave him the calf to prepare (Gen. R. xlviii. 14; comp. Gen. xviii. 7). But according to divine prediction Ishmael remained a savage. The ambiguous expression  in Gen. xxi. 9 (see Hagar) is interpreted by some rabbis as meaning that Ishmael had been idolatrous; by others, that he had turned his bow against Isaac. According to the interpretation of Simeon b. Yoḥai, Ishmael mocked those who maintained that Isaac would be Abraham’s chief heir, and said that as he (Ishmael) was the first-born son he would receive two-thirds of the inheritance (Tosef., Sotah, v. 12, vi. 6; Pirḳe R. El. xxx.; Gen. R. liii. 15). Upon seeing the danger to Isaac, Sarah, who had till then been attached to Ishmael (Josephus, “Ant.” i. 12, § 3), insisted that Abraham cast out Ishmael. Abraham was obliged to put him on Hagar’s shoulders, because he fell sick under the spell of the evil eye cast upon him by Sarah (Gen. R. liii. 17).

Ending A Profile

“The ICC plan was to reach the three groups by acknowledging that each group has its own sense of community that is based on geography and ethnicity.[167] The best way to market the census process toward any of the three groups is to reach them through their own unique communication channels and not treat the entire black population of the U.S. as though they are all African Americans with a single ethnic and geographical background.”

What Is It Really?

Many years ago, I woke up with such Faith that I “declared” that year to be my year. Everything was going so right that it seemed no weapon formed could harm me mentally, physically, and Spiritually. Over time that year the roof began to collapse, I continued to say “this is my year! I decree it!”

Yet the walls fell in after the roof collapsed and we lost everything. I asked god whom I though I was serving the True GOD at the time what happened, show me. I said “you said decree and declare it in Jesus Name and shall be given and I did this and spoke with such conviction, I lived with such conviction how could you do this to us?”

Then I began to realize that it was not god whom I was serving, it was myself and going off of the words of some soothsayers who knew what to say and I was gullible and believed. What we must understand is one very, very, very, very important thing, I can’t express how important this is and that is that GOD The TRUE GOD, HOLY TRINITY does not need us and does not love all of us; and many of us no matter how “holy” we think we are or how “righteous” we think we are will not see Heaven. This is Real, just look around. Love, #MinisterDerrick

The Propaganda

We look at the history of propaganda in the World and we see that none has spewed propaganda much like the Nazi’s have done and like the U.S. does today. The terrorists whom are called by names such as “Jihadists”, “Islamists”, but I simply refer to them as Mohammedans. The terror propaganda is the result of Zionism which is a combination of Socialist, Communist, and Marxist ideology; it’s not a new idea at all. In fact there is nothing new under the Sun because we had to deal with these ideologies in the course of HuMan history.

In Sacred Scripture these ideologies are referred to as heathenism:

Tobit 8:5 (CPDV)

For certainly, we are the children of the saints, and we must not be joined together in such a manner as the heathens, who are ignorant of God.”

2 Maccabees 4:13 (CPDV)

Now this was not the beginning, but a certain increase and progression of heathenism and foreign practices, due to the nefarious and unheard of wickedness of the impious non-priest Jason,

We must never fall victim to propaganda and that is very hard to do; why? Because we take everything literally. Subconsciously we have been designed through propaganda to except and fall into a place of living and thinking. When Nazi Germany fell, many Nazis who were Scientists and Psychologists sought asylum in the U.S. and her now Ally Nations. These Scientists helped to develop modern weaponry, education and news media in which today is still implemented in the military, public schools and your news sources (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc).

Jeremiah 51:46 (CPDV)

For otherwise, your heart may faint, and you may be afraid at the news that is heard in the land. And the news will arrive within a year, and after that year more news will arrive. And iniquity will be in the land, and one ruler will be over another ruler.

Fear propaganda is a huge factor in voting and in war support. Other than racism and classism war makes huge profits. This is especially true with today’s Mohammedans (terrorists) were once Allies with Nazi Germany from Syria to Egypt, and when you look at current events who are involved in the terrorism spreading Worldwide?

Revelation 2:9 (CPDV)

I know your tribulation and your poverty, but you are rich, and that you are blasphemed by those who declare themselves to be Jews and are not, but who are a synagogue of Satan.

The Ancients


Peace and Blessings dear family. Many times when we think of Religion and Scriptures we also have think of the various cultures on our Planet. Most of these Cultures are Ancient and have existed here long before a Bible or Qur’an, the Torah or the Talmud.

How did these People who are Ancient gain Knowledge to survive and thrive in the various environments of the Earth? One thing is certain today, the belief in Angels is far less today than it was in the days before. #MinisterDerrick #TruthPreaching